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About Us

We are a bunch of people from many disciplines, from Engineering to Banking to Economy, we have built a very diverse, experienced and resourceful team.

We can take on almost any project that involves the fields we work on. We have indeed worked in 12 countries, with both Public and Private sector..

And the best part is that we are able to deliver a full in-house, turnkey solution; you just tell us about your idea and your goals and we will do our best to be your ideal partner alongside the roads of entrepreneurship, advising you on how to tackle those challenges always emerging when conducting an enterprise.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, ask us questions, inquire about any topic.


What We Offer

We have pioneered many of the Fields we work on. Thus when we accept a Projects is because we are convinced it can be coverted into a huge Success for our Clients. Our multidisciplinary team covers a wide arrangement of skills; skills that are not obtained overnight.                                  
We have been proven by the sands of time. Over 25 years working with Cients from many backgrounds and latitudes, we have faced, endured and overcome all kinds of challenges. It gives us a very important added value when dealing with new projects. You can rest assured we will deliver!
When we accept a Project we evaluate every aspect of it.. and such evaluation is at very little cost or often times, free to the Client. As it is a normal behavior for the Consulting industry, we ask for a retainer's fee and work hard to earn a Success Fee, all that deriving on a very cost-effective investment from our Clients.

Our Staff

Luis Carlos Ordóñez
Business Development
Nathalie Ordóñez
Legal Advisor
Daniel Ordóñez
IT Manager